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Mark Williams

CTO, Redapt
Possessing a deep technical knowledge in the public and private cloud space, Mark is responsible for optimizing Redapt's private and hybrid cloud solutions as Chief Technology Officer. Mark continually balances the ecosystem of technology, products, services, and automation with customer requirements for scale, reliability, and performance.

Prior to joining Redapt, Mark was VP of Cloud Infrastructure Services and the first operations employee at Zynga. Mark led innovative architecture at Zynga during its unprecedented growth and consumption of infrastructure.  He built and led the teams that successfully satiated the unpredictable demand for data center infrastructure and public cloud resources ultimately culminating with a complete transition into a performant, cost-optimized private cloud called zCloud, the largest private cloud to date. 

Previously, Mark held dual roles as Support.com, Inc. as Director of IT and VP, Customer Support, where he maximized performance and productivity of the software support start up. He also held positions at Net Daemons Association as Director, Consulting Operations; Titan Client/Server Technologies at IT Systems Administrator; and Salk Institute for Biological Studies as Scientific Programmer and Analyst.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science from the University of California, San Diego. He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys spending time with his family and a Boy Scout troop he co-founded in 2010.