OpenStack Summit May 2015 Vancouver has ended

Mark T. Voelker

Mark T. Voelker is currently the lead architect for VMware Integrated OpenStack at VMware and an active member of the OpenStack community since early 2011. He generally prefers to think of himself as a breadth-first technologist. In past lives he has worked as a software engineer and engineering manager designing web applications, automation systems, mobile apps, traffic generators, distributed systems, and more weasely hacks than he can shake a stick at. He also helps design and support the infrastructure running the software he develops, including award-winning SANs, LANs, load balancing, monitoring, hypervisors, and servers. Mark's interests include massively scalable data center architecture, Big Data, cloud computing, software defined networking, and distributed systems with a heavy emphasis on OpenStack. A developer by trade, Mark has been enamoured of Open Source since approximately his first exposure to the Internet. He is currently a member of the OpenStack DefCore Committee and is a former core developer of the puppet-openstack project (now known as Marioneta). In 2013, Mark co-founded the Triangle OpenStack Meetup and grew it’s membership to 270 members in the first nine months of it’s existence and around 650 members today. He has a two-digit OpenStack Foundation membership profile number and a large enough collection of OpenStack Summit t-shirts that he rarely has to do laundry. Mark apparently has a penchant for programming languages starting with “P” and has prospered for parts of the past decade penning primarily Python, Perl, and Puppet. He has a habit of including vacation photos and Douglas Adams quotes in his presentations and his time can generally be bought with a sufficient quantity of doughnuts. When not holed up within the trail-photo covered walls of his home office near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Mark can be found hiking, camping, backpacking, or making sawdust with extreme prejudice. You can also find him on Twitter (@marktvoelker), LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/markvoelker), or IRC (markvoelker).