OpenStack Summit May 2015 Vancouver has ended
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Tuesday, May 19

7:00am PDT

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Build and operate your first OpenStack application Room 202/203/204Christian Berendt • Nick Chase • Sean Collins • James Dempsey • Tom Fifield • Thomas Kärgel State of OpenStack Product Management Room 110Carol Barrett • Arkady Kanevsky • Sean Roberts Evil Superuser's HOWTO: Launching instances to do your bidding. Room 121/122Joshua Harlow • Scott Moser Welcome to ContainerDay. Introduction to Containers East Building, Room 1/2/3Boyd Hemphill • Sriram Subramanian APIs Matter Room 114/115Chris Dent • Jay Pipes Neutron Hierarchical Port Binding: What is it? And why you should deploy it. Room 118/119/120Nolan Leake • Mark McClain How to Configure your Cloud and Tempest for Interoperability Testing Room 205/206/207Catherine Diep • Chris Hoge FlexPod with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6 Marketplace Expo Hall TheaterDave Cain • Eric Railine Ceph and OpenStack: current integration and roadmap Room 211Josh Durgin • Sébastien Han Is It Time to Have More than Just Python in OpenStack? Room 116/117Jim Baker • Brian Curtin • Van Lindberg • Scott Simpson OpenStack on VMware in the Real World: Customer Success Stories from Adobe, Nike and Wells Fargo Room 210Peter Bogdanovic • Prashanth Rao • Frans Van Rooyen • Arvind Soni • Mark T. Voelker OpenStack Solutions for Service Providers Room 208/209Dave Ward Ceph at CERN: A Year in the Life of a Petabyte-Scale Block Storage Service Room 109Dan van der Ster You've Got to Stack Somewhere: A Hands-On Workshop with the OpenStack Command Line Interface Room 111/112Matt Dorn • Wade Lewis OpenStack Puppet Modules Design Session East Building, Room 10Emilien Macchi

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Private Cloud Dream Stack - OpenStack + CoreOS + Kubernetes Room 114/115Brian Harrington, Redbeard Standing Tall in the Room - Sponsored by the Women of OpenStack Room 110Beth Cohen • Nalee Jang • Elizabeth Joseph • Rainya "Rai" Mosher • Radha Ratnaparkhi • Shilla Saebi • Alexandra Settle Energy Efficient VM Placement Room 121/122Kurt Garloff • Ulrich Kleber How a team of four DevOps engineers at Pantheon run 400,000 Drupal/WordPress sites East Building, Room 1/2/3Zack Rosen OVN: Native Virtual Networking for Open vSwitch Room 118/119/120Russell Bryant • Kyle Mestery • Justin Pettit Deploying OpenStack with Ansible Room 205/206/207Kevin Carter • Curtis Collicutt Building a Production Grade PaaS platform like Bluemix on OpenStack, leveraging Container based scalable services. Marketplace Expo Hall TheaterJames Busche • Joshua Packer • Animesh Singh Thanks, Docker! The pro's and con's of containerizing your OpenStack services Room 211Steven Dake • Daneyon Hansen Building Cisco Intercloud Services Room 208/209Dave Lively Unlocking the opportunities of a combined OpenStack and VMware technological ecosystems Room 210Amr Abdelrazik • Arvind Soni Cinder 102: Pouring a solid foundation for block storage services Room 109Jeff Applewhite From hardware to NFV: lessons learned in deploying an OpenStack reference at scale Room 202/203/204donald bowman Advancing OpenStack Extensions to Achieve Carrier-Grade Performance and Reliability Room 116/117Anton Petrov Using Docker with OpenStack - Hands On! Room 111/112Adrian Otto

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